Covid Reflections: Waking Up



What if the Earth is reminding us to wake up to what is really important during this time?  It has been a harsh and brutal reminder yet it has also been loving and kind.


My heart goes out to all the families who have lost a loved one and I am deeply sorry for your loss.


Something we cannot see has changed our world forever.  Many have become very sick, thousands have died. All have had their lives affected–almost all have had to shelter in place, many have lost their jobs, many more have had their income reduced, others are trying to balance homeschooling and working while the healthcare providers are on the frontlines helping to make sure that less and less pass away each day.  


Through all of this fear and pain, I feel I have been given much during this time:

  • Time with the ones I truly love
  • Time to spend with my family
  • Time to enjoy nature
  • Time to notice the change of the season
  • Time to go with the flow of the day
  • Time with minimal schedules
  • Time to stay at home 
  • Time to slow down
  • Time to relax


 Also several lessons I have learned and/or been reminded of during this time:

  • Viruses wear the crowns on this Earth:  Humans are not the rulers of this Earth.  It is amazing how a little being can cause the human race to stop.
  • We are all equal:  We could all be affected.  This virus does not infect those based on race, gender, nationality or religious beliefs.
  • In order to protect the elderly and sick we must surrender some of our freedoms:  We must stay at home; we can not go out to eat, go to the movies or even go to the library in the hope that less people will be infected and even less will die.
  • Love and kindness can be found all around us:  I have gone on numerous walks with my girls and at a distance many of the people we have met have wanted to talk and share their knowledge with us.  As my girls ride by on their bikes, cars have stopped and even reversed to give them time and space.
  • We are still connected:   Imagine if this had happened only a few years ago, we would not have had the technology to communicate like we are today.  We are so lucky to still be able to stay connected with our dear ones even if we cannot see them in person.


As horrible as this pandemic has been there has been some beauty born.  I hope you can find the beauty in this situation and truly wake up to what is important to you.  Much love, healing and energy to you all!!!



Written by Genis Schmidt; copyright protected.  Photo from Pexels. For questions or collaboration, email

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