Moon after Moon


Moon after moon I have kept myself caged

Resisting a call to let go of my rage

Presenting as someone who’s all buttoned up

While fire and lava are coiled in my gut


Moon after moon I’ve subdued and I’ve smiled

Said all the right things, been tender and mild

While deep in me muscles are tensed like a spring

Pushing against all the magic I bring


Moon after moon I have broken my heart

Holding off revolution I’m meant to start

Wanting so deeply at least to fit in

While knowing as well I will face reckoning


Moon after moon I have stifled my cry

Covering, shuttering, closing third eye

Walking through life as if one who I’m not

So unaware of the time that I’ve got


Moon after moon here comes clarity

About who I am, about what I need

I stumble, I wander, I let myself crack

Instinctively knowing there’s no going back


Moon after moon I unpack all my fear

Agreeing to follow the call that I hear

Seeing my spirit, drawing her near

Bringing forth gifts that I’m meant to bear


Moon after moon I am coming undone

I’m wilding, I’m writhing, unleashing my sun

I sense more, I taste more, I dance to my tune

I welcome my rhythms, not a moment too soon


Moon after moon I unravel my truth

Free from the secrets I buried in youth

No longer frightened to be myself whole

No longer willing to play down my role


Moon after moon throwing head back to howl

Here are my sweet parts, here are my foul

Who’s this adventurer I’ve come to be?

Trusting in nature, I’m setting her free




Poem by Alison Monette and copyright protected (rights are author’s). Photo is from Pexels. (Thank you, Alison 💖)

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