The Growth of Wings


A counterpart may wonder what makes my heart sing such sweet melodies while in darkness’s grip. How can my ancestors spirit reach my lips when their face I have not seen. How do you teach a wisdom so ancient it has no words. It’s the elders essence that has breathed life into my dance. And so it is that some things can only be inherited by the soul and transformed by the divine. One should ask not for the reason behind my smiles, but instead be present to the orchestra of nature around them. I am inspired by a healing I was not prepared to undertake but its fateful student I will be.  The lessons I hope to learn will grow wings and bring brighter smiles. My heart is bound to a greater truth that seems to be lost in memories.    A truth that sees not differences but instead sees my sorrows and joys in foreign eyes.  The universe has forced her silence upon me and introduced me to my soul. It is here where I have found the greatest happiness to be experienced by me. 



Written by Diana Carranza and copyright protected. Please cite accordingly  For correspondence, please email:

About the author:  Diana Carranza is just another human being with a story to tell. At the age of 29 she sustained what doctors have labeled as a stroke, losing her mobility and speech. In the midst of all this she found her writing voice. She holds the belief that this journey to healing is much too grand to fit into a simple label.

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