You missed the eagles dancing


I started to get to know the Land I live on
I started to watch the animals

the first year it was the foxes
but then they were gone

then I saw a coyote,
a deer visited me while I was sitting on a log,
wood peckers and starlings.
Three swans.
They talk to me.
They tell me things.

This year it is eagles.

5 days in a row,
the eagle sat in the tree guarding the forest and the river,
waiting for me then flying away.

Today I saw him deep in the forest.
I walked and asked him to wait for me.
I lost sight of him but turned a corner and there he was.
He flew off.

I do not understand how you do not like the snow.
It is so peaceful and calming, covering everything.
Insulation. Stark and gorgeous.

I kept walking and there was another.
This one flew across the river,
and I watched the first one go to this one and tap her on the shoulder.
She turned and up they flew, catching a wind current, higher and higher.

And then they dove, end over end, falling and twirling,
catching themselves and turning in tandem.

My heart stopped. And I said thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
What a gift to have this morning.

I thought of telling you but stopped.


Your head hurts all the time.
You worry something is wrong.
Your head hurts because you are filling it only with one thing:
worries and responsibility.

Because I watch the Eagles dance
does not mean I do not know how to pay bills
or show up where I need to be

my mother calls me a child
she says children leave,
that is what they do,
they do not come back

I was always trying to come back
but she was always swatting me away
with words and sarcasm and criticism
crushing me into a small bad girl

I am leaving because I have no one to tell about the eagles dancing

‘such a small thing’ you might say, ‘your head is in the clouds
how many zeros are in your accounts’

every morning I get up and work
I build my queendom day by day

what an incredible world we have found ourselves in
we have more choices nowadays
we can fill our bank accounts
while still watching the eagles dance

I practice equanimity
come what may

‘but what about the children
you made your bed
lie in it,’ you say

… and die day by day
my body tells me I cannot do that
little alarm lights go off

come children
stick your head above the clouds
and watch the eagles dance

Written by one of our anonymous authors (previously posting with the eagle picture as well, piece titled ‘I’m going over a cliff’). Thank you to her. Written material is copyright protected, rights belonging to the author. Please cite accordingly (i.e. anonymous via Get Woke Coven). Picture is from Pexels.

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